Does your Facebook account send posts that you didn’t even write?

In a simple word, this happen because you gave permission to a Facebook Application to post on your behalf and you already agreed to that.

How this happen?

It happen when you first add this application to your account, normally when you add an application it shows you what information and permissions it takes from you in order to add the app to your account.

Normally you click “allow” without reading what permission and info you agreeing to give for this app

Some apps ask your permission to have access to your friends, photos, message, password, post in your behalf. As it is different from one application to another


So be sure of what permissions you give to the app when you choose to add it to your account


How about an application you currently have?

Click on the the top right arrow and go to settings, in the left side click on Apps, remove all unwanted apps and review what permissions and info you allowed this app to use by clicking on the app icon in the setting page


As Conclusion: You chose to give permission to the app to do all that and you already agreed to it, so b-e careful when you install a new application cause you may end up losing your account by giving the permission to the app to have access to your account


This Article was printed in Mix Magazine – February 2015 Issue