Why we prefer Google AMP pages to Facebook Instant Articles

In the past year, Google and Facebook have deployed technology that makes media articles load faster on mobile devices — the former uses Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to do this, and the latter relies on Instant Articles. AMP pages and Instant Articles rely on a similar symbol — a lightning bolt in a circle — to stand out from other pages that you can select and explore.

Both show text, images, and videos quickly — it’s not as if one of them is much speedier than the other.

But when you go beyond what these technologies have in common and start using them more, you’ll begin to see how they’re different. And, at least for now, I personally like one more than the other. Here’s why.

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New Design: Terrazzina Beach

We just finished renovating and redesigning the existing website of Terrazzina Beach, As well as updating and adding more functions to it.

We have added many new  features such as Photo albums, Videos, Events Calendar and more sections for the beach

We also work on Search Engine Optimization and social media advertising for Terrazzina Beach